These money and investing tips can help you read the market’s signs

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5 Ways Business Owners Can Use Trusts To Benefit Their Company

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Being a business owner means your head is constantly filled with important questions. How do I continue growing my business? What are the priorities? Where are the vulnerabilities? The list goes on. Time and time again, as wealth advisors, the key three questions business owners ask are: … Read more

Harvard expert warns of potential ‘harm’ to index investing, as Republican bill takes on ‘woke fund managers’

Senators and legal experts tussled Tuesday over the merits of a Republican bill that aims to reduce the voting power of the three index-investing giants – BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street. Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska introduced the Investor Democracy is Expected (INDEX) Act last month, and so far a dozen other senators from … Read more

Liquidity is vanishing in this pivotal corner of the US housing-finance market as the Fed steps back

Liquidity has been running in short supply in a pivotal corner of US housing finance, as Wall Street braces for the Federal Reserve to dramatically tighten financial conditions. Many investment banks now expect the Fed to raise its policy rates by 75 basis points on Wednesday, rather than the 50-basis-point increase telegraphed before May’s consumer-price … Read more

Buy This Stock to Play the Comeback in Business Travel

American Express Global Business Travel offers corporate clients an integrated travel-management platform. It is paid by clients for arranging travel services, and gets payments from travel providers. Stephanie Keith / Bloomberg Text size American Express Global Business Travel offers investors an attractive play on the continued revival in business travel. No. 1 in a fragmented … Read more

Opinion: ‘The startup world wasn’t created for someone like me.’ This Black woman entrepreneur has some choice words for the ‘tech bros’ of venture capital.

The year 2009 was very, very good for me. Six years ago, I had turned my love of discount shopping into one of the first lifestyle blogs, called The Budget Fashionista. The site had grown into a seven-figure media empire. Along the way I’d become an online influencer before Instagram and TikTok even existed. My … Read more

Here’s the little-known reason why Cathie Wood’s ARK Innovation ETF is having such a bad year

By now almost everyone knows that ARK Innovation ETF ARKK, -5.41% is having a very bad year. But poor stock selection is not the only reason why the fund, run by celebrated stock-fund manager Cathie Wood, is doing so poorly. Another, overlooked, culprit: the portfolio is heavily concentrated in just a few stocks. According to … Read more

ON THE MONEY: The basics of cryptocurrency | Features

The idea for cryptocurrency first began in the late 1980s, and the idea was for a currency that could be sent untraceably and in a manner that did not require the involvement of a bank. In 1995, American cryptographer David Chaum implemented an anonymous cryptographic electronic money called Digicash. Changes and refinements to cryptocurrency have … Read more

How to Invest in Companies Targeting the Water Crisis

Investors who are interested in the water crisis have a number of options, from buying water-focused ETFs and mutual funds to picking individual stocks. Illustration by Ana Yael for Studio Pi Text size Water is a vital resource for life — and a significant risk facing investors in thirsty industries such as food production, mining, … Read more

How UBS Is Targeting Racial Equity in Finance

Melinda Hightower and Lynette Jefferson, executives at UBS Global Wealth Management, explain how racial-equity investing works. Jefferson will speak at the Barron’s ESG + Impact Summit in New York on June 22. Photograph by Lauren Perlstein Text size Lynette Jefferson and Melinda Hightower, two executives at UBS Global Wealth Management, come at the same goal … Read more