‘Father of the Bride’ 2022 Breaks HBO Max Streaming Record

A fresh take on the 1991 romantic comedy classic Father of the Bride is winning over viewers across the globe. The reboot, distributed by Warner Bros. and directed by Gary Alazraki, set a new streaming-only film record for HBO Max, Deadline reported. The Latino-led film, which stars Andy García and Gloria Estefan as the bride’s … Read more

How Your Business Can Make It Through The Labor Shortage

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Most people thought that “The Great Resignation” and the labor crisis would be a temporary issue. But not only has the situation not recovered, it is getting worse. Although 428,000 jobs were added in May 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, participation in the labor … Read more

Why We All Need to Care About the Food Industry

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Before Covid-19, few people would’ve considered the idea of ​​a country like America running out of staple items such as corn and baby formula. Since the pandemic, restaurants have closed, delivery has exploded and consumer preferences have changed. At the same time, supply chain problems have become … Read more

Netflix Layoffs Explained, Nearly 300 Employees’ Jobs Cut

Roughly 300 Netflix employees were laid off on Thursday, the second round of layoffs by the streaming giant this year. In May, following the company’s Q1 report for 2022, Netflix let go of nearly 150 full-time employees and over 70 part-time and freelance employees. Now, the company is cutting its workforce by a similar scale, … Read more

What Did Elon Musk Say About Tesla’s Future? CEO Spills Fears

CEO Elon Musk’s outlook on the future of Tesla appears to be bleak. FREDERIC J. BROWN | Getty Images In a new interview with a Tesla owner’s group, Musk revealed that bankruptcy may be a possibility for the electric car company. Tesla has faced multiple problems lately with supply chain disruptions affecting the production of … Read more

Who Is Khaby Lame? From Laid Off Factory Worker to Star

Move over, Charli D’Amelio – there’s a new TikTok star at the top. Khaby Lame, a 22-year-old Senegalese-born creator, became the most followed person on TikTok on Wednesday night, The Verge reports. D’Amelio was one of TikTok’s original superstars; she and her sister Dixie skyrocketed to fame with their seconds-long dancing videos, admittedly on accident, … Read more

The Uberization of Trucking

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The uberization of trucking, or freight consolidation, refers to using app-based technologies to utilize empty truck space – to make the most use of empty space in trucks. These apps are similar to Uber in that they connect those who need to move goods with those that … Read more

Amazon Reveals New CEO of Consumer Business to Replace Dave Clark

Amazon has named the replacement for one of its top lieutenants. Helen H. Richardson | Getty Images via Business Insider CEO Andy Jassy announced Tuesday that Doug Herrington will become the CEO of Worldwide Amazon Stores business, replacing the recently departed Dave Clark. Clark had served in the role – previously called CEO of Worldwide … Read more

Tesla Slammed with Lawsuit By Former Employees After Mass Layoffs

Things are continuing to tense up between Elon Musk and some former Tesla workers. A new lawsuit was filed by former employees this month claiming their dismissal violated federal law. Xiaolu Chu | Getty Images The class-action lawsuit was filed by John Lynch and Daxton Hartsfield, former Tesla gigafactory workers in Nevada who were let … Read more