Garmin Adds a Camera to Its Luxurious Car-Tracking Bike Radar

Cycling can be a relaxing pastime until riders find themselves sharing the road with other vehicles. It then starts to feel like an exercise in mere survival, and should the unthinkable happen and a cyclist gets hit by a car, Garmin’s new Varia RCT715 will get the whole thing on film providing evidence as to … Read more

How to Get a Free Fitbit or Apple Watch From Your Insurance Company

Photo: charnsitr (Shutterstock) Fitness trackers like Apple Watches and Fitbitsgenerally aren’t as expensive as tech like smartphones and tablets, but they’re not exactly cheap. You certainly wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to snag one for free. And as it turns out, many insurance companies include fitness programs that either come with a complimentary tracker, allow … Read more