This former financial advisor now educates advisors on crypto

Ric Edelman, founder of the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals. Heidi Gutman | CNBC Bitcoin’s recent routines – including its recent drop below $ 20,000 – have given some cryptocurrency naysayers an “I told you so” moment. “How do you make a million? Invest a billion in bitcoin,” one panelist joked at a conference … Read more

Past financial crises have affected how millennials manage money

FG Trade | E + | Getty Images Living through multiple financial crises and recessions has impacted the way millennials are now managing their money. The experience has given members of that generation some confidence that they’ll be able to make it through another recession if the US falls into one amid high inflation and … Read more

Here’s what financial advisors say about the Fed’s latest rate hike

The Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building in Washington, DC Sarah Silbiger | Reuters While the market moves are positive for investors, they are still dealing with a complicated backdrop that’s likely to continue to whiplash asset prices going forward. Earlier in the week, the S&P 500 fell into bear market territory, meaning a … Read more

Tax planning begins when building your portfolio. Here’s what to know

Tetra Images | Tetra images | Getty Images If you’re still recovering from the tax sting of larger-than-expected mutual fund payouts in 2021, it’s never too early to prepare for future distributions, financial experts say. Mid-year capital gains distributions are not common, especially in a bear market year, said Russel Kinnel, director of manager research … Read more

How advisors can help women close the entrepreneur wealth gap

More than 83 per cent of women-owned SMEs use personal sources to fund / Getty Images Are you a professional financial advisor? Register for Globe Advisor and then sign up for the new weekly newsletter on our newsletter sign-up page. Get exclusive investment industry news and insights, the week’s top headlines, and what you … Read more

This advisor started a financial non-profit to empower women

Stacy Francis Source: Stacy Francis Stacy Francis never planned to become a financial advisor, especially one for women going through divorce. But a candid talk with her grandmother shifted her career trajectory. Her grandmother, Myra, was a victim of spousal abuse and, before passing, she confessed to staying in her marriage because she felt “financially … Read more

Here’s where financial advisors say I bonds may work in your portfolio

I bonds are currently paying 9.62% annual interest through this October, presenting an opportunity for investors with a range of goals, according to financial experts. These assets, backed by the federal government, are nearly risk-free and inflation-protected, with rates changing every six months based on the consumer price index from the US Bureau of Labor … Read more

Do I Need a Divorce Financial Advisor? | Financial Advisors

Divorce can be a painful and grueling process both emotionally and financially. How it shakes out also has repercussions throughout the rest of your life. “Because divorce can be complicated, emotionally fraught and have long-lasting consequences, obtaining timely, qualified advice can provide many benefits both in the short and long term,” says Jeff Spivack, a … Read more

Why it’s a good time for young investors to put money in the market

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What market capitulation means and what investors should do

Nosystem Images | E + | Getty Images Amid market turmoil, there’s a term that analysts often start throwing around: investor or market capitulation. It generally means a point at which investors throw in the towel and sell, basically giving up on the asset and the hope of recouping lost gains. Generally, capitulation happens at … Read more