These business majors have the highest ‘return on investment’ – with college graduates earning up to 165,000 a year

College students, listen up: Business degrees are the most popular undergraduate and graduate major in the US, but do they pay off? A new report by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce looked at the return on investment (ROI) of 5,500 business programs at more than 1,700 colleges. It found that the … Read more

Saving with 6abc: Consumer Reports share six easy moves to save money at home

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – While the cost of just about everything continues to rise, Action News is committed to saving you money with our ‘Saving with 6abc’ segment. We have six easy moves you can make at home to save money and the environment. By reducing waste, you can save hundreds of dollars a year. “You’re … Read more

My friend has no 401 (k), but she likes to spend money. She wants to go on a spa weekend for our 40th birthdays. Should I give her financial advice instead?

I am very fortunate to have a steady career and a 401 (k), and I have been able to put money aside for my children’s education. This was not always the case as I had several years of education and a six-figure debt that I accrued, and I have learned to be very cautious with … Read more

‘People are still spending money. Most people who want a job, have a job ‘: Small-business owners worry about a recession, but most still feel confident they will survive one. Here’s why

Small business owners say they have one more item to add to their list of worries: recession. More than four in five small business leaders say they worry that a recession will hit the economy soon and it will impact their businesses, according to a new survey by online business-banking platform Kabbage, a checking-account service … Read more

Zuckerberg and Facebook Parent Meta Suffer Another Setback

Development of a smartwatch that was going to feature dual cameras was stopped by Meta Platforms (META) – Get Meta Platforms Inc. Reportthe parent company of Facebook, a source told Bloomberg. The social media company is working on the development of other devices that will be worn on the wrist, Bloomberg reported. Meta Platforms did … Read more

Opinion: ‘The startup world wasn’t created for someone like me.’ This Black woman entrepreneur has some choice words for the ‘tech bros’ of venture capital.

The year 2009 was very, very good for me. Six years ago, I had turned my love of discount shopping into one of the first lifestyle blogs, called The Budget Fashionista. The site had grown into a seven-figure media empire. Along the way I’d become an online influencer before Instagram and TikTok even existed. My … Read more

Instacart: Baby formula searches surging as store shelves remain empty

New York CNNBusiness – Instacart said searches for baby formula hit a record high in mid-May but the on-demand grocery delivery site is struggling to fulfill orders because stores remain severely understocked amid the ongoing national formula shortage. The company said searches for formula surged 245% week-over-week as of May 16. At the same time, … Read more

‘I partially support my partner of 12 years as his business is, sadly, failing’: I’m 33, and have $ 300,000 in company stock. Should I sell those shares to pay off my debt of $ 56,000?

I am 33 years old, I currently make just over $ 120,000 a year, including an annual bonus, and my company has gifted me with around $ 300,000 in equity in the firm, although our stock is brand new, so it is constantly swinging up and down . I put around 6% toward a 401 … Read more